Why I’m embracing a Millennial Mentality

Everyone meet Justin the brains, style, and glory behind Millennial Mentality. It’s funny how Justin and I met with us both following and supporting each other’s Instagram posts during MAIP. I am lucky that I not just a fan girl of Justin and his blog. Now I can call THE Millennial Mentality a friend, because we actually met in person haha. 

It is super hard to find people in Advertising that have the same passion projects as you, and with Justin having a blog I feel like he just gets me. Here are five reasons why you should follow Justin and his blog Millennial Mentality. 

1. His STYLE is on point. 

2. He writes his blog in his voice. Seriously. Every blog post I’ve read sounds exactly like him in person. Which is nice because I feel like some bloggers have lost their voice in their blogs. 

3. His photos are TO DIE FOR. Seriously how cute is he?! And most of them he takes on his iPhone which still boggles my mind!

4. He blogs about more than just fashion! His food posts always leave me drooling on my trackpad. 

5. HE IS MOVING TO CHICAGO! How exciting! I wanted Justin to be my NY roomie SO BAD. But he got an amazing offer in Chi Town. Once I get settled I am definitely visiting him for sure. Follow up blog post?

Don’t forget to check out Justin’s blog to see his post about the two of us! http://www.millennialmentality.com/blog/2015/8/27/stylish-proud




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  1. Justin Parker
    August 30, 2015 / 3:39 am

    I had a blast with this collab! I am so excited for your future in The City.

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