Valentine’s Day

Happy belated Valentine’s Day loves! Single, dating, engaged, married, or divorced, I hope that you felt and remembered that you are loved. I know that Valentine’s Day is a “Hallmark holiday” but I think that the essence of the holiday has sweet intentions. I’m all about showing someone that you love them 365 but for sure on Valentine’s Day putting in that extra effort to prioritize their love language*. (* Definitely google the five love languages if you haven’t heard because that is a few websites if I dove into that.)

Outfit details: Heart Drop Earrings; White Boots
Photos by Lydia Hudgens @lydiahudgensphoto

Valentine’s Day this year was one for the books for me. Aaron and I both went all out. Our Valentine’s week started with Aaron giving me two options. 

Option 1– An eventful staycation in the city

Option 2 – Money to help me get a new computer

Can you guess which option I chose?!

Well, before I can actually tell you what option I chose I have to tell you about what I got Aaron. Aaron’s actually the hardest to buy gifts for. He’s a techie. AND he has absolutely everything. So in order to get him something that he’s actually surprised by, I have to be extremely attentive. Aaron’s been using a lounge chair as a desk chair ever since we moved into our new apartment. So after Aaron asked to borrow my desk chair I knew immediately that I was going to get the best desk chair for my gamer. The funny part is that the chair was supposed to be delivered on Valentine’s Day and it actually got delivered two days early. So Aaron saw his gift and opened it two days before. Look at the pictures I snapped of him putting together his gift.

So did you guess what option I chose as a gift from Aaron? I chose… Option 2! It was actually so thoughtful that Aaron thought to help me get a new computer for Valentine’s Day. It was something that I couldn’t fix myself to get for myself but it’s something I’ve needed for a while. With blogging and working as an Art Director, I live on my computer. So I cried when he suggested it. That was so unexpected and so thoughtful. I’m still in disbelief as I type this on my new computer.

So on Valentine’s Day, Aaron sent me flowers to the office. Three dozen! What?!?! I’m going to post the video, my friend, Amari, took of the delivery to my insta if you’re interested in seeing my reaction. I left work on time and we had a night in, complete with Netflix and a homecooked dinner. I also played into the cheeseball I am and got us custom keychains. Cheesy I know, but as I told Aaron I am loving and fully embracing the honeymoon phase we’re in. haha.

So that was my Valentine’s Day in a nutshell. How was yours? What did you do?


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