Everyone who knows me knows that I love a GOOD thrift store. And yes there is a such thing as a good or bad thrift store. So here are my tips for finding the hidden gems out there.

1. Look for a store with organization. It’s important that the store is organized to a certain degree especially if you are looking for something in particular. 

2. Set aside time. If you are in a rush a thrift store probably isn’t your best bet. I usually spend at least a hour in the thrift store when I go. 

3. Take a HONEST friend. You need someone to tell you whether or not a piece is worth it. Or cool enough. 

3. Wear skin tight clothes. Leggings are my favorite. No skirts or jeans. They make it hard to try stuff on and you don’t necessarily want unwashed clothes on your body. Especially if your store doesn’t have a dressing room. 

4. Tackle one section at a time. Grab everything that you think will work and just hold it. Accumulate a giant pile.

5. Try everything. Don’t be afraid to venture in to the mens or kids section. You never know what will work. That goes for sizes too! Something may look too small but it may not be. Try everything on. It’s okay to look silly. Try on a dress over your leggings and t-shirt. Who cares?!

6. Set a budget. And stick to it! I usually limit myself to $10 – $20 bucks when I go. It’s more of a challenge too. 

7. Be okay with leaving empty handed. It is the luck of the draw at the thrift store. 

And those are my seven tips for thrifting. 

Hope they help! I would love to see your thrifted purchases. @StylishSista on Twitter or Instagram to show me your latest find. 




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