Pants: Macy’s; Lace Shirt: Thrifted; Heels: Mom’s Closet (Old); Necklace: Gift

The New York Public Library is a wonderland. Again one of the few places in the city where time seems to stop. The architecture was breathtaking but I have to say my favorite part was the children’s exhibit. It had everything from childhood. A flashback to where I found my first love — in books. I have to believe that the children’s exhibit in the New York Public Library wasn’t made for children, but the child inside of all of us “adults”. A definite stop on your next trip to the Big City. 

Oh! And it takes a true style master to rock white on white in the city. Number one, most people wear black so you’ll definitely stand out. Number two, some spots in the city aren’t necessarily the cleanest. So my tip for rocking the famous trend this season is to always check your surroundings, especially seats. 
Show me how you rock white on white with the hashtag #stylishsista on instagram. I can’t wait to see your bold ensembles.



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