Table for One

Taelor Talks: Table for One

Do I have something in my teeth? Does my breath smell bad? What in the world is going on?! It seems that everyone is in love or dating someone. And where am I? NOT DOING THAT. lol. I am not going to lie I get a bit jealous sometimes. I want the butterflies and the cute texts. The dates. The memories. I have only had one relationship and whether or not it really counts as one is debatable. I was a freshman/sophomore in high school and I didn’t really know anything about relationships and how they should work. Besides that, I have been ridin’ solo for pretty much all of my short life. 

I have heard many different theories on why I am forever single. “Taelor, you are intimidating!”, “Taelor, you are too busy!”, “Taelor, your standards are too high!”, “Taelor, you don’t need a man!” And all of these are true. But sometimes you want that companionship. Especially, when it is plastered all over FB, Pinterest, and my favorite: Friday Bride Day. 

I have decided though that what ever is meant for me is meant for me. I have to focus on myself before I can enter a relationship successfully. And when that special someone comes around you all will be the  first to know! But until then I am going to embrace and rock the single life. Table for one please!




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  1. ChoKolate Kisses
    June 5, 2013 / 8:53 pm

    My suggestion: Don't put too much thought in to it. The more energy you put out there about what you don't have the Universe is just responding to it. The best thing that you have right now is time. Take the time to do all the things that YOU like to do because once you get in a relationship, you may not have that chance anymore. Its about what you two want to do. Good luck on your journey!

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