Sunglasses and Sandcastles*

*I hope you think this headline is catchy as I do haha!
Halter Top, Metallic Halter Bikini, Denim Shorts, BeachCat Eye Sunglasses, Metallic Halter Bikini, Beach Day Emoji Hat, Metallic Halter Bikini, Aliens of Brooklyn, Patch T-shirt, Beach Day
Outfit details: Metallic halter bikini (Forever 21: Top / Bottoms ), Emoji Hat (Aliens of Brooklyn), Patch t-shirt (Rainbow), Shorts (DIY), and Sunglasses (NY street vendor)
The beach is my favorite place. Really!? Is there any other place you could deem more calm? So when my roommate, Nicole, proposed a beach day, you know I was READY.
We had a few choices of beaches that are nearby.* (*nearby in New Yorker terms is having to take a train or two even) Anddd… we decided on Long Beach. Long beach is one of the “cleanest in the U.S. and spiffiest in NY,” according to Time Out. You have to pay admission ($15) to even step foot on the beach. So it better be clean! haha. It is definitely worth all of the hype because for a moment I felt like I was somewhere tropical even with the clean fine sand and semi-clear water. (Forgive me, I’m used to beaches like Galveston so it doesn’t take a lot to impress me.) The downsides. There isn’t much of anything. No restaurants actually on the boardwalk (the all are a few blocks away for the most part). No alcohol on the beach (people have to find ways around this.)

So would I recommend making the trip to Long Beach? Yes. Go. If the weather is right and you are looking for a mini getaway. It’s worth the trip (especially if you are looking for a killer backdrop for photos!)

I’m in love with this metallic halter bikini from Forever 21+. I have to be honest and say that I was nervous to buy it at first because I thought maybe it would be “too much.” But it is definitely not. It covers everything while also maintaining that beach, sexy, fashion-forward look most of us are going for. Definitely, a must have at the affordable price of $36.



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