Another new year is here, which means it is time to make resolutions again. This year I have decided to do some “Stylish” Resolutions though because this blog has become a big part of my life. I want you all to hold me to these resolutions. I know that it is cliché, but I really feel like this is the year for Stylish Sista. Who’s ready?! Click view more to see my resolutions for this year. 

1. At least 2 posts a week. It’s important that I become more consistent with when I post. I’ve tried this in the past but never stuck with it. This year. 

2. Engage readers. You guys might not know but I can see which posts are most popular. I need to get back doing  more or a range of things like DIYs. 

3. Rock the center part. I have been wearing the same hairstyle for what I feels like FOREVER. I have been natural for a year now. So it is time to mix it up. Maybe I can start some hair tutorials this year a s well. 

4. Actually use my social media. If you follow me on Insta (@StylishSista) and Twitter (@TaelorTalks) I am so sorry! I have been slacking on the posting. When I have them at my fingertips always. I want to have social media sites worth following. 

5. Out with the old and in with the new. It’s time for a change. I need to slowly purge my closet and start fresh. 

6. Have a binder full of looks. I want to have a portfolio/scrapbook of all of my outfits so far. That way I can easily see what I have done before. 

7. Drop down menu worth dropping down. Right now my drop menu isn’t really useful. Categorizing my posts more should help with this. 

8. Keep sketching. You all have been so supportive of my new hobby in fashion sketching. I  want to develop my own style of drawing them this year. 

9. Connect with other bloggers in the DFW area. Duo posts are fun! And it helps to learn from other bloggers as well. 

10. At least 3 shoots with full creative direction. I really am starting to love the camera and  I have always wanted to do a full creative shoot. With a photographer, crazy makeup, and a bomb outfit. Something you would see in a magazine. 

11. Have a stylish 21st and document it all. I am turning 21 this year! Which is a little scary for me but I want to actually do something exciting. Maybe a hotel? or night on the town? 

12. Catch up on the Makeup. I only know the basics of makeup. I just got new brushes but I want my makeup collection to grow. And I want to actually learn how to do some cool things.

13. Work on my writing. I am still taking journalism classes but I need to also look online for tips on how to be the best writer for my blog. 

14. Bring back Taelor Talks. We ALL remember Taelor Talks right?! I need to bring that back! I had fun sharing my life with you all and I think you guys had fun reading it. So Taelor Talks is making a come back. 

What are some of your stylish resolutions for 2014? I want to hear them!

BTW. I ombréd my hair. Thoughts?! I’m in love with it. I was supposed to do something more drastic but I chickened out. Maybe later in the year…


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  1. K Shelton
    January 6, 2014 / 7:08 pm

    Love the new hair i had the same way a while back and still have it you look great! And good luck in the new year

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