With this new blog look and content, I want to put out some expectations mostly for myself but also for you, my readers. I want to put my best foot forward with this blog and do it right this time. So here are some goals and content that you can expect from me and Stylish Sista for the rest of 2016.My goals are to:
1. Post a blog post at least three times a week (I haven’t decided what categories to divide those posts into yet but for now I just want to get used to posting regularly)2. Schedule Facebook posts outside of blog content
3. Spend time on Instagram daily (Surprisingly, I don’t do this already?!)
4. A giveaway (I haven’t figured out the details of this either but it will happen!)

And as for content I have some things coming that you guys have asked for.

What to expect: Monthly recaps, dates with HIM (haha I didn’t forget about you guys), more OOTDs, a day in the life (still trying to figure out how this one will work), and foodie reviews of the hot NY spots.

I’m still brainstorming content and I would love your help! Just leave a comment below, a Facebook or Instagram comment, or tweet me what you want to see on Stylish Sista. No topic is ever off limits. And I want to create content that YOU want to see.

xox T


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