Simple Style

I moved to NY with the thoughts that I would be trendsetting – wearing the crazy thrifted outfits that I did in Texas. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve “grown up” or what but I feel like my sense of style has gotten a lot more sophisticated and refined. I blame it on NY. I now wear black 85% of the time. But to be honest I ain’t mad at it. It’s fun for me to look back on my old blog posts and be able to literally see the style growth.

My go-to outfit now is a black t-shirt, my pleather jacket from F21, and a pair of boyfriend jeans. I got these from Old Navy. The major key to making this outfit look like you actually tried lives in the accessories. The pins on my jacket, multiple necklaces, sunnies, earrings and realistic NY shoe that isn’t a flat ADD EVERYTHING to this otherwise boring OOTD.

Also a big thanks to my girl @iveettaa for taking these photos!


img_1702  img_1725img_1715 img_1734img_1732 img_1693


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