Serious Relationships and T haven’t mixed before


So ya girl has never been in a serious relationship. And I’m honestly JUST realizing it.

So you guys know and it’s clear, I am defining a relationship as a significant period time with someone I am exclusive with (aka someone’s girlfriend.)

I have had ONE boyfriend in my short life so far and LOL it was my first boyfriend in HIGHSCHOOL! We dated for maybe 6 months before he cheated on me haha. There have been guys since then but none that were ever serious. Throughout college I’ve dated (going on a series of dates) with a few guys all of which were for a few months and never did we “make it official.” It’s not that I didn’t want it to be. Because of course I did. The guys I dated didn’t and so I accepted that fact AND CONTINUED DATING THEM.

So I am totally taking full responsibility for me having never been in a serious relationship. I never spoke up. Constantly giving and the guys I dated would just take. I don’t doubt the fact that it probably has to do with me not having my dad in my life. Who knows?!

All of this to say I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Dating’s weird and I’m weirder.

So in moving to NY, I am glad to start over with my dating standards. For example, I am all about being an independent woman and doing for myself but I am making an effort to let the guy take more control in dating. I’m going with the flow. Letting him pay, open doors, ya know all the “things a guy is supposed to do.” (I put that in quotes because there really isn’t anything anyone is supposed to do but that’s another blog post haha) Letting him lead where he wants our relationship to go, but not compromising my morals and standards along the way.

So… as some of you may know I have been dating (going on dates) a guy. HIM. We’ve been on four dates now. And he’s so great. I could probably write a few blog posts about all the things I like about him. But we’ll see. I am taking it slow. Going with the flow. And most importantly I’m having fun. So far. SOOOOO GOOD. 😉

I know you guys are itching for more details but to avoid all of you creeping HIM at once, I’ve decided not to plaster him all over my social media. But I will share little snippets of our adventures and keep you guys updated. 😀

Would you guys be interested in a date recap? Me blogging about our dates so far and how I think they went. Let me know in comments if you would.




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