Rent the Runway + Your Questions Answered

Whoop whoop! Ya girl is officially a Rent the Runway Ambassador. 🎉

And I’m pretty sure ya’ll may have seen the announcement a couple of weeks ago on Instagram. Well, I am here today to tell you all more about Rent the Runway (RTR), answer all of the questions (cause I had em too sis!) and share some of my favorite RTR moments. It needed a whole blog post in my opinion.

Before we get into it, I actually have my own code!
My code will give you $200 off your first two months of Unlimited ($100 off each month). The offer may change during my time as an ambassador, but my code will always stay the same!
Here it is…

Let’s start at the beginning. Rent the Runway is the secret behind some of my most stylish moments in my opinion. It all started about a year ago when I first heard of RTR through the photographer I was working with. She shared that she did it, but to be honest when she first told me the price seemed too high for me.

If you don’t know Rent the Runway is a designer clothing rental service. You can find out more about the service here.

I was trying really hard to have these extravagant photoshoots at the time and I was constantly shopping. I was buying so many clothes only for half of them to “not be cool enough”.

Well, Aaron (yep. God bless Aaron) was like “I’m tired of seeing you stress out about outfits before photoshoots. It shouldn’t be stressing you out this much. Maybe you try Rent the Runway and see if you like it. It could help buy fewer clothes and allow you to try new items and designers.”

So that’s how my Rent the Runway subscription started a year ago!

Remember all of these iconic Stylish moments?! All rented baby!

Rent the Runway has allowed me to spend less on clothing, try the most fabulous designers (my love for Tanya Taylor started with RTR), and have the coolest work wardrobe. I have the Unlimited subscription where I rent 4 pieces at a time. I usually pick out the four during my commute to work. They send the straight to my apartment, already dry cleaned, then I wear them, style them, keep them as long as I want. Then I mail them back with the pre-paid postage when I’m done. Dirty and all and they take care of it!

That easy!

And now I couldn’t be more excited to be an ambassador because it’s actually a service I use religiously and that I stand by!

Question time!

What is the unlimited plan and how much does it cost sis?!
With the Unlimited plan, I get 4 spots (items) for $159 / month. It’s on rotation so you can really get a good amount of items in a month if you are diligent about returning. With my code (RTRFAM178A830), you’ll get $200 off your first two months which is $100 dollars a month. Which takes the subscription down to $59 dollars for the first two months. WILD. That’s definitely worth a try in my opinion. See if you like it. You can also pause your subscription at any time if you need it!

T! What sizing does RTR have?! Will it fit me??
Okay! So sizing at Rent the Runway is a mixed bag as it depends on the designer. There are a good bit of designers that carry all the way up to a size 22/3X. That’s usually perfect for me. Depending on what it is I can order a 2x but to be comfortable most of the time I order a 3. Now depending on the designer, I’ve ordered the 22 before and it wasn’t able to zip at all. Then there are times when I have room in the 22. It really just depends. I order try it on and if it doesn’t fit send it back. Unfortunately, they currently don’t have sizes above a 22 but I’m hopeful that they’ll soon expand and get more designers who are size-inclusive.

What kind of clothes does Rent the Runway have?
Designer everything! So from jeans, workwear, outerwear, gowns, accessories. Rent the Runway has it all and I’ve rented it. They don’t have shoes (thank goodness! That’s where I’d have to draw the renting line)
I’ve actually rented a coat this winter and held on to it because I love it so much

What happens if I fall in love with an item??
Whew. I’ve fallen in love with many RTR things. BUT. Remember “designer”. RTR will offer you a member discount which sometimes is pretty good and worth it. But for me, some of the prices even with the member discount will break the bank. I’ve bought a Good American jumpsuit after renting, but that’s it so far. Really my protip is to just hold on to it as long as you want until that feeling of needing to buy it wears off.

T! What if I rip or damage an item?
Girl. Been there. Done that. HAHA. I seriously have. Funny story. That Thanksgiving dress that we all loved. I popped a button on it! Too much mac and cheese! I sent it back buttonless and I didn’t have any issues and I didn’t get charged extra. Now on the RTR site under ‘Unlimited subscription,’ it says this. “Free 2-day shipping & insurance – you’re covered for spills, minor issues, and get free 2-day shipping on all standard shipments”.

How long will this promo last?
I honestly don’t know. I think just the month of January. They told us that this was the biggest discount code that they’ve ever shared which is super exciting. I’d jump on it if I were you because usually, it’s only $100 versus the $200 discount. Save a coin sis! I’ll continue to have a code but the promo could change.

Alright. So that’s all of the questions I’ve gotten so far and why I started using Rent the Runway. I love it! And I’m sure you guys will to which is the only reason I jumped at the opportunity to become a Rent the Runway ambassador.

Here’s my code one more time!
Sign up here:

Let me know if you have any other questions about starting a Rent the Runway subscription! Here or DM! Oh! And let me know if you sign up! I’d love to see what you rent and how you style it. ♥️


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