Recap of my 25th Birthday!

A lot of you have asked me what I did on my actual birthday. Well! Here it is. A recap of my 25th Birthday.

Twenty-five came way too quickly. Smack dab in the middle of a large move. It honestly was too much. Looking back, I think I probably cried about 4 times from exhaustion and anxiety. If I could give a word of advice it would be to never move on your birthday weekend, week, MONTH even. It’s TOO exhausting.

So beyond all that, I actually tasked Aaron with planning my 25th birthday. It was an overwhelming task for me. I was so wavy about my birthday. I was constantly in between wanting a “Blogger Birthday” (You, know the ones. They are over the top and include fancy outfits, lots of drinks, and maybe sparklers) and wanting a “Lowkey” Birthday. So I left it all up to Aaron haha.

Aaron planned me the cutest birthday weekend amidst the moving mess and I’m excited to share it below.

The first part of the weekend consisted of us traveling to his mom’s house where a spread of my favorite foods were waiting. Normally when we venture to Aaron’s mom’s house it’s a spread of Aaron’s favorites (fried chicken, baked ziti, shrimp and rice). But as a surprise to me, the spread consisted of chicken and waffles, macaroni and cheese, and cornbread (I’ll come back to the cornbread in a bit.)

The house was decorated with balloons and a banner! So cute! And Aaron’s family gifted me with cards. It was really sweet. Which I now know was all Aaron’s doing as he told them how much I love cards. We ate, we laughed, I actually slept (from the ITIS! I’ll post a video of that on Instagram Stories!)

My favorite part of the party had to be when Aaron’s mom brought out a CORNBREAD BIRTHDAY CAKE! Happy Birthday Candles in it and all! It was perfect! AND DELICIOUS! I’ve never had a cornbread cake for my birthday before but I’m now thinking that I’d want to make this a tradition actually. Me to a tee.

The night ended with Aaron and his sister sucking the helium out of the balloons and singing to me/ battling with each other. I died laughing. I really did have a great time. His family is a blast (I swear they could have their own tv show!) I’m so thankful for them. I don’t have any family in New York and from the start of Aaron and I dating they just accepted me right in. For them to take the time to throw me a party and help me celebrate my birthday really meant a lot.

On September 2nd, my actual birth day, Aaron surprised me with a spa day at probably the bougiest nail salon in Brooklyn, Honey. He requested a Lyft for me and everything. Having neglected my self-care due to the move, it was the nicest gift. I spent a few hours there and then I came home to a bouquet of flowers and cake from Aaron. We had lunch in our neighborhood T.G.I. Friday’s and then we chilled and cleaned up around the house a bit.

The last part of the night consisted of Aaron’s surprise to order West Indian from a well-reviewed spot in the neighborhood and to eat dinner on the roof! It was perfect. Simple birthday filled with all of the things that I absolutely love.

Thanks again for all of the birthday wishes. The overwhelming amount of messages and comments really did make me feel extra loved on my 25th birthday. Oh! Don’t forget to check out my instagram for some more exclusive birthday pics and videos!



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