So this post was way too long for my liking with talking about dating, attraction, and love. I decided to split it into three parts so that way I can really get you guys’ opinion on each! 

AttractionA quality or feature of something or someone that evokes interest, liking, or desire.  

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I find attractive. What is it about some of these boys that gets me? 

After debating with myself for a while I am going to settle on passion being the number one thing that attracts me to someone. All throughout college, I would say that I find talent to be the most attractive thing about someone. 

And in re-evaluating I think every person I have ever been attracted to the point of actually pursuing them has been passionate. How sexy is to be with someone who has goals and dreams and is fully dedicated to seeing them through?! He could be passionate about anything really. Family, politics, music, art. This list goes on forever. 

Physically. I’d like to think that I am not superficial. A nice smile really is the main thing although I am a sucker for nice arms. 

But now that you know what exactly you are attracted to how exactly do you find it? Or should I make a list that is even more specific? I made a list in 7th grade with my friends of qualities I wanted in a boyfriend. Is that still a thing?

I’m asking because I am kind of lost. Everyone is saying that I am 22 and I live in New York. I should be out dating! Well, where does one extremely awkward black girl start? Especially now that I am in a city where the majority is comprised of passionate people… 

Where does a single girl start? I figured attraction?

Help me! I want to hear your tips, suggestions, stories. What qualities are you most attracted to? How did you jump into the dating scene? 



(P.S. It’s late and I haven’t had time to look for all of my clothing links online. I’ll update this post with more photos and the links sometime tomorrow) <3


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