My first week in NY

Gosh. Words can not describe how amazing this state is. I see something new everyday. I thought I would do a little recap of my experiences since I got here.

Day 1: June 3, 2015 – Landed in LGA around 3 and caught a taxi with a Soror and another Maiper. Checked into my room at EHS (video of my room on fb). I can’t lie I was surprised to see my bed was lofted. I stayed in and unpacked a majority of my stuff before my roommate, Marissa, got back to the room. We decided to venture out and find food. We settled on Shake Shack. 10 out of 10 recommend. Then we headed back to the room and I decided to go to Target. I needed a pillow, blanket, and hangers. I made it there fine. But on my way back I got SO lost. I had taken the train deeper into Brooklyn versus towards the city which is where I live. And for those who don’t know a metro card doesn’t work at the same stop until after a certain amount of time to avoid people swiping their friends in. So that was fun. But I figured it out and got back around 8:30. My roommate, a couple other Maipers and I explored the city went to a grocery store and stumbled upon this cute diner (Happy Day). We got back at 12:30am and I didn’t even realize it. The jump of an hour has messed with me a little for sure. Then it was lights out because we had orientation at 9 the next morning.

Day 2: June 4, 2015 – We had orientation all day pretty much. After orientation there was a rooftop party to kick off our internship. Thanks MAIP! At the mixer previous MAIP interns in NY also came.  I finally met my mentor in person, and she’s so awesome. I’ll dedicate a post to her a little later. After that my friends and I left to head home and then mid train we decided we wanted to go to the bar. On our walk to the bar is where a random man grabbed my hand as crossing the street and then asked me to go grab a drink with him. I regretfully declined lol. We found the bar and realized we didn’t actually want to go to the bar so then we headed home with another day of training the next day.

Day 3: June 5, 2015 – Another full day of orientation but a change of location spiced things up. Friday we had orientation at Terminal 23. Crazy right?!?! We are actually partnering with Wieden and  Kennedy on a project. I can’t say more than that but know that it is awesome. Then after training I came home and I took a nap.  Around 9pm my roommate and I started to get ready to go out on the town. After finally getting to the bar, Brass Monkey, a group of us MAIPers didn’t like the setting a wanted to find more of a place where we could dance. We found a club called Cielo. One of the girls talked us in for free which was nice. $40 cover?! No sir. We get in and they want to do a tequila shot. Well one of the girls orders and says we can all pay her back for the shot later. Do you know how much it was for 6 tequila shots?! $93!!!! So I can officially say I have had a $16 shot -__-. We didn’t like the music in that bar so we left an stumbled upon another bar with cooler music. A lot more NY interns joined us which made for a really fun time. I was pooped by 2am. And the bars don’t close at 2 am in NY. I regret wearing wedges out. We did so much walking.

I hope you guys enjoyed these mini journals into the first couple of days in NYC for me.  Follow me on snapchat for real time updates – taepawnell and instagram @stylish_sista.

Love you guys!


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