Miami Eats 😋

Okay, so y’all wanted to know what I ate in Miami… Let’s get into it! Below you’ll find the eats and treats that I tried while in Miami. I’ve ranked them in order but these are the Top 10 Miami eats that I absolutely loved.
Not gonna lie, Miami is expensive. And I actually think it’s because of the cost of food. I’ve added cost as part of my review ranking from $-$$$ to help you save the budget or let you know if you are about to break it.

$ = Okay! Budget I see you! I respect you!
$$ = I wanna look cute and eat cute! A little extra coin is okay
$$$ = Tae said treat yo self! Ball out moment baby!

#1 Taco Stand

Instagram: @letstaco_
Cost: $

With delicious food and reasonable prices, The Taco Stand is coming out on top for me. I ordered the Carne Asada Fries, the Sonora Taco, and a Baja Taco. I ordered all the sauces on the side because well I’m picky and they were very accommodating haha.

That was definitely too much food. But man oh man was the food delicious. It was cooked to order. I wasn’t a big fan of the carne asada fries because I’m not a fan of cheese sauce. BUT…

THE BAJA TACO was EVERYTHING! I’m actually have had dreams about it. I’ve been craving another since I left Miami! So good. So fresh. I’m heading back to Miami just for the 3 orders of the Baja Taco.

#2 Yard Bird

Instagram: @yardbirdsouthern
Cost: $$$

The Texas girl in me had to try this Southern restaurant. There was about a 40-minute wait for a table but delicious fried chicken is always worth the wait if you ask me.

I ordered Mama’s Chicken Biscuits (one of my favorite dishes) and the macaroni and cheese. Oh! And a Watermelon Sling. Let’s start with the Watermelon Sling! This was one of the best cocktails I’ve ever had in my life. If you like watermelon and whiskey you are going to love this! It’s made with a blend of white whiskey, fresh watermelon juice, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, Aperol and soda water. And let me tell you IT’S SO FRESH! My favorite part is that it’s also garnished with two melon sorbet balls. I’m salivating thinking about it honestly.

The mac and cheese was just okay for me. If I went back I wouldn’t reorder it. BUT Mama’s Chicken Biscuits! Let me tell you. SO. GOOD. The biscuits are to die for. They are flaky and buttery and just the right consistency of crunchy exterior and soft pillowy interior. And the chicken! They are known for the chicken and rightfully so. Flavorful. Crunchy. Juicy. 10 out of 10.

If I went back (which I definitely plan to) I’d go back and order two watermelon slingers, an app of just the biscuits, and the chicken biscuits.

#3 Azucar

Instagram: @azucaricecream
Cost: $

I mean of course, my favorite dessert had to make the top 3!

Azucar is a Miami staple and if you go to Miami you have to stop by Azucar. It’s located in Little Havana. Cuban Homemade Icecream! And you can taste the homemade extra love put into it. Since moving away from Texas this is the closest I’ve gotten to tasting Blue Bell.

I got the Café con Leche and Cookie Monster on a waffle cone. And wanted another when I finished it. There were so many flavors to choose from that you could go every day and experience something new and delicious each time or bring friends and do a sampler moment. Loved it!

#4 Bungalow by the Sea

Instagram: @cadillachotelmiamibeach
Cost: $$$

Bungalow by the Sea is Cadillac Hotel’s outside restaurant. On one of my solo nights, I treated myself to dinner and had the best salmon of my life. I JUST started liking fish earlier this year and I can’t get enough of salmon honestly.

I licked my plate clean. The skin of the salmon was so crispy and the basil lime butter top was so good and complementary to the fish. I’m definitely going to try that idea at home. Pricey and Delicious!

#5 Pane & Vino

Instagram: @panevinomiami
Cost: $$

So this was a reco from my boss. We actually stumbled upon this and I remembered that this had to be the restaurant because there was a man in the window making fresh pasta as my boss described. And although I had had dinner a few hours before we had to stop.

My second dinner started with the purest olive oil and fresh bread. I then got the spaghetti because can’t go wrong with the classics right?

Well, they brought out a parmesan wheel and tossed the pasta and sauce together in the parmesan wheel! My mind was blown. The pasta was a perfect al dente. This is THE PERFECT date night spot. Such a romantic vibe that I’ll have to take Aaron (hope they have gluten-free options..I can’t remember). Maybe I’ll get him to share a gluten-free spaghetti noodle with me like Lady and the Tramp.

#6 Versailles

Instagram: @versaillesmiami
Cost: $$

This was my friend Giselle’s recommendation! Versailles was packed! We waited about 45 minutes to get in.

I ordered the codfish fritters which were okay. And for my main course, I ordered the Churrasco (one of my favs). I love the steak with chimichurri. I will say that the chimichurri had too much vinegar for me. The star for me was the moros rice which is black beans and rice mixed together. I’d order a plate of that by itself next time.

Oh! And Versailles is known for its Cuban coffee. You’ve gotta get one if you go. Tasted delicious which I now know is because it has a lot of sugar. It’ll wake you up for sure that one!

#7 Mamma Leone Bakery

Instagram: @mammaleonebakery
Cost: $

I stumbled upon the cutest little bakery one morning and decided to try it out for breakfast.

Mamma Leone’s is a local spot. You can tell by the way people come in and talk with the staff that they know them. It was filled with people who were regulars with the same order.

I sat and drew for 2 hours unbothered and had a pretty good ham and cheese and macchiato. I would recommend and go back again.

#8 Devia’s Juice Bar

Instagram: @deviajuicebar
Cost: $

Again another place I stumbled upon with my friend Ivette.

Devia’s Juice Bar is a cute little truck located inside of Midtown Gardens which is definitely one of my favorite places now. It’s in this lot of greenery and good vibes. So serene.

Devia’s has a menu full of fresh fruits you can choose from to build a smoothie or juice. Nothing specific, but it was the vibes and the people that made this a must go. I recommend taking a book or sketch pad and sitting in the patio for a really great time.

#9 Mr. Kream

Instagram: @mrkreamwynwood
Cost: $

When I heard there was a Hip-hop themed ice cream shop I had to go!

Mr. Kream is such a fun experience. There are games, the art of hip hop artists and life quotes, a DJ booth, great music, and ice cream named after some iconic people and lyrics in hip hop.

I got the butterscotch to try. The ice cream was alright. This is a place to go-to for the photo ops and vibes in my opinion.

#10 Cadillac Hotel

Instagram: @cadillachotelmiamibeach
Cost: $$S

Room service made the list!?!

Makes sense since the Bungalow by the sea shares the same kitchen. I treated myself to a basic breakfast in bed and it was so good I did it twice!

Between the perfect french toast, crispy bacon, mimosa, and view from my balcony this was one of the best breakfasts I had in Miami. Expensive, but so worth it.

Okay, so these are the top 10 restaurants I tried in Miami and wanted to share with y’all. Definitely didn’t even scratch the surface here of all the recommendations y’all gave me and what I’m sure Miami has to offer. Guess that means I’ll have to go back… 😉

Which restaurant are you making sure you try next time you’re in Miami?!


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