Lost in the Blogosphere

I’ve been struggling with my blog lately. Why you ask? Well it’s been hard for me seeing other people with “instant” success. I’ve been blogging for a few years now. And, the blogosphere is extremely saturated. Now in blogging you can instantly measure success. How many site views do you have? Instagram followers? Twitter? Facebook? How many brands have you worked with? Gosh it’s a lot. But it hit me the other day that some people wouldn’t consider my blog successful. And I actually was letting that thought, defeat me.

But after a few pep talks from friends and a heart to heart with myself, I realized that I am doing extremely well. I love this blog. Sure, I would eventually like to work with all the brands and share my journey to self-love with people everywhere. BUT I have to appreciate my journey for what it is – MINE. I can’t compare myself or my blog to anyone else. I have to trust that with my hard work and dedication I will get to a place where every one knows Stylish Sista. And even once I get to that point, I will continue to share my journey and life with you guys.





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