Life Update

I turned 23 a month and a half ago, and I feel like so much has happened.

ME (OVERALL): I’m doing extremely well. I’d tell you guys if I wasn’t. It’s weird but I guess I’d describe it as feeling content? I’m satisfied (not comfortable) with where I am in my journey. Riding the wave, if you will. As a person who is always planning for the future I have found myself really living in and enjoying the present. I’m in a new relationship, same apartment, same job, and really digging what’s coming from Stylish Sista. I’m happy. Seriously. I wouldn’t change anything.

WORK: Work is better. I recently got a new brand. A brand that is doing a lot of cool things. Besides that there isn’t really much of an update at work. I mean maybe I have found more of a work life balance?

HIM: dun. Dun. DUN. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog you have met J. My new boyfriend (click here to catch up!) Man, we’ve only been dating officially for a couple weeks. It feels like a while though. We dived head first into this. And so far so good. We have a blast. I have to be honest, having a boyfriend takes some getting used to. I forget I have him sometimes lol. Probably due to the fact that I haven’t had a serious bf before. Anyways, we are still figuring each other out. And I am enjoying getting to know J. He’s a good kid. I briefly met his family. (*shocked face) I was so nervous. Still super nervous. But it happened. And I think it went well. Fast and Furious – J and I. LOL

STYLISH SISTA: I feel like my blog is doing well. Views are slowly increasing. Thanks guys! I am still struggling with maintaining a schedule, but I am aware and working towards it. I have so many goals for my blog. I really do love doing this. So I am dedicating a lot more time and effort. I am glad to say that I am accomplishing some goals that I’ve had for a while for my blog like the launch of #SeeHer. I’m excited to be using my platform for a real impact the way I know how. Please check it out and submit a woman of color that you feel should be seen.

I thought I had more to say in this life update… It’s pretty slim. Well, please know I’m doing well. Enjoying this season.



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