So it has been a minute since I updated you all. And man has A LOT happened. So first off I want to prepare you for the length of this post as there is so much I want and need to share with you guys. 

So…. I alluded to this in an instagram post that I posted last week. BUT I GOT THE JOB. I have accepted an offer from CDM NY (the agency I interned with through MAIP) as an Art Director! Your girl’s on salary y’all. I couldn’t be more excited. I really can’t believe it. The people are amazing, the location is amazing, what I will be doing is amazing. And it all happened crazy fast. Last week Thursday to be exact. So that being said I’m moving back to New York… ON SUNDAY. I start work on September 8th.  I am ready to get back to working and designing. Is it weird to say that I miss work?! 

I have so many apartment rental apps and emails it is insane. Actually finding an apartment is an act of insanity. Ideally I would only spend $1000 on rent and utilities. Don’t get me wrong there are some apartments in this price range. One of the issues is that a lot of the affordable apartments in Brooklyn that I am looking at  are in areas of high crime. Or the opposite where the apartment isn’t affordable but it is in an area of low crime. And don’t get me started on roommates. I thought it would be so easy to find a group of friends after MAIP and all get an apartment together, but we are all so spread out again that is no longer the case. A Facebook friend of mine just got a fellowship in NY as well and we are looking for a two bedroom one bathroom to share but no luck so far. Then there is another girl that I was talking to that wants me to sign a lease with her, but I am not so sure about that because it is so much money up front. I am finding that people in NY want you to see the apartment before even allowing you to apply or anything. BTW I don’t really have a friend’s couch I can stay on. I did think of that. SO at this point with a flight on Sunday I think I am just going to book a hotel for my first week. Then after work and such schedule as many viewings as possible until I find a lease to sign. Uugh. Housing has been the biggest stress. I just want a place to settle for a while. 

As soon as I got the call that I got the job in New York I knew I had to see my friends one last time. It wasn’t really planned so I am sorry to all of the people I didn’t get to see :(. I did a lot though. My friends made sure to jam pack the weekend with just enough events to make it awesome hah. Gosh I am going to miss them. (and the two dollar doubles! lol) But seriously Monday night it hit me that I am about to embark on this journey by myself for the first time. How many relationships am I going to lose because of distance? That thought scares me the most for the fact that all of my friends have been in my life for some years. I’m starting new, BUT I don’t want to in the friend department. Only time will tell I think. 

So long story, but I met a guy. I actually initiated the conversation which is not usual for me. So on Sunday I went on one of the best dates of my life (so far! haha) Because I think you guys want to know lol I will give you a few of his “stats”.  First he’s a man of God, graduated from college, 25, has a job, AND he’s HILARIOUS. He opened doors for me, bought me a rose, paid for dinner — the whole nine yards. He’s such a sweetheart, really. But of course I had to drop the whammy that I’m moving to New York in a few days. Who wants to date anyone who is all the way in New York when they are in Texas?! So there’s that.

I absolutely hate packing and this time I am moving for good which means I have to get rid of so much stuff. I have gone through my wardrobe twice now. And I don’t want to let ANYTHING ELSE go. Again, I am only taking two suitcases so I am still deciding what will make the cut. 

WHAT IS MY LIFE?! I just turned 22 yesterday. (Thanks for all of the birthday wishes!)  I have a job in my dream city. And most of all I am surrounded by the most amazing people. YOU. Taelor Gang! You guys are really the best and I feel that this is just as much an important milestone for me as it is for all of you. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be here. Know that. Whether you are a member of my family, friend, or blog follower your support means the world to me. Sometimes I find it hard to have so many people pulling for me. But this week more than ever it hit me that although I am moving to New York by myself, I am not alone. You all are coming with me. So thank you. 

Who’s ready for the next extremely Stylish chapter?!




  1. K Shelton
    September 4, 2015 / 2:50 am

    You got this ! Praying for you!💋

  2. anushkamaya
    September 4, 2015 / 3:04 am

    So happy for you! This is just the beginning! Happy belated birthday!

  3. anushkamaya
    September 4, 2015 / 3:05 am

    So happy for you! This is just the beginning! Happy belated birthday!

  4. anushkamaya
    September 4, 2015 / 3:05 am

    So happy for you! This is just the beginning! Happy belated birthday!

  5. Rebecca Morales
    September 4, 2015 / 1:11 pm

    So excited for you and your new journey!! You got this girl!! You are so talented you can do it. I look forward to reading your upcoming blog posts about life.

  6. skparent
    September 11, 2015 / 1:09 am

    That is awesome! You go, girl!!!

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