Life Update – Plot Twist.

Ever look at a series of events in your life and think gosh what a plot twist?! Seriously! I can’t be the only one. Well this month has delivered me another load of blessings, surprises, and for lack of better words – plot twists.

ME (OVERALL): I’m doing so well. Life has been fun lately. Big thanks to J, but I also feel like I am slowly but surely living more in the present. I really am enjoying life and stressing less about my next move or what I have to do. In the past month I’ve had significantly less anxiety about my personal life and more anxiety about the state of our country (but that’s a whole other blog post!) I’ve started to work out again, and I’ve dropped a couple of pounds. So that’s cool too. All good things right now (besides the state of our country), so I can’t complain.

WORK: I think the last time I wrote about work I didn’t have much to say… Well, this time I am so elated to say that, I GOT A PROMOTION! ! ! Blessings. I’ve held the secret about me getting a promotion in for a while. It happened earlier this month and it honestly took me by surprise. I wanted one, don’t get me wrong. But I wasn’t expecting to get it when I did or how I did. I’m officially a Senior Art Director, and that feels good to say. I can’t tell you guys how ready I am to be trusted to do a bit more at work, or to be able to present more. I constantly want to be growing and this promotion feels like it will allow me to do somethings that I haven’t gotten the chance to do yet. So I’m excited! More monies. More responsibilities. BRING. IT. ON.

HIM: J is great. If you follow me on snap (@Taepawnell) he makes tons of appearances as I spend nearly every weekend (at least) with him. He’s my best friend. Our relationship is the biggest plot twist to me because if you were to ask me four months ago if I would be in a serious relationship with some one I would have laughed and said “HELLLLLLLL NO.” But here I am head over heels haha. Life has a funny way of serving you up what you need when you least expect it. J is the man I was asking God for, but in all honesty I wasn’t expecting to get. Anyway enough of my mushy feels and time to tell you that there is more news with J and I… J and I will be taking a trip to TX for him to meet my fam in a couple weeks. Surprise! I’m a bit nervous about it. Although I’ve already met his family, him meeting my family is really nerve-racking. I’m more excited than nervous, though. I think. haha. J’s birthday will happen while we are there, so my mom has tons of cool things planned for us all to do. Y’all be on the look out. Knowing me I’ll probably do a blog post recapping the week or a snap story at the least.

STYLISH SISTA: Is lit too. Although, I haven’t been posting as many blog posts as I would like. I have been doing shoots and you will see a lot of those soon. I made goals for my blog this year and I am excited that I already am checking one off the list. My goal was to get 1,000 instagram followers by February. And I did it! In the grand scheme of blogger world, 1,000 instagram followers isn’t a lot but it’s a milestone and a step in the right direction for me so I’ll take it. Thank you to all of you who follow me and believe in the potential of Stylish Sista. It means the world to me.

So I think that is it. The big update that needed to happen. Holla at ya girl.




  1. Carrdi
    January 29, 2017 / 9:25 pm

    Congr on the promo, beAuty. And im so so happy to hear that life is going so wrll. See you In ny! Still Planning that trip for spring. Love you tons

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