Life Update: Bring on the change.

So I’m about to turn 24.  We are about three quarters of the way through 2017, and ya girl has had an absolute whirlwind of a year. So to not spoil any surprises, let’s get to it.

ME (OVERALL): I’ve been really anxious. I’m not sure if I’ve talked about my struggle with anxiety, but it’s alive and poppin’. The past month I haven’t been getting much sleep because I feel like I am constantly thinking 24/7. The ‘What if’s’ are currently cluttering my thoughts. It can be tough. So that’s why this summer it’s seems like i’ve been lowkey. Because I have been.

WORK: Work became the biggest culprit to my anxiety. Ever gotten to the point where your stress/anxiety outweigh make it hard to go to work each morning? I was there. So I took a leap of faith and decided to try and regain control of my stressful life. I have a new job. And man oh man was it difficult to leave the last one. There was a comfort. I knew everyone and everything about the process. I met so many amazing people and great friends. So it made it hard to leave. But I know growth will come from my discomfort. I started my new job last Monday, and it’s been great so far. Totally different from my last agency. New people, new environment, and I’m excited. Nervous, but excited.

HIM: Every time I write about dating it’s all over the place haha. But my update is that I am dating someone. I’ve tried to keep it low key because I have not forgotten all the lessons I learned from the last guy. But eventually I will start sharing more with you all. Just to give you a little tea, this guy is amazing. I’m having a blast and I couldn’t be happier with how our relationship is going.

STYLISH SISTA: I still want to do this. This blog thing.  But even I can admit that I don’t give it as much energy as it deserves. Please know that I am working on that. I love you guys and I love this blog. It’s apart of me that I’m not ready to lose.

Until the next update,


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