Just wanna be your girl

All week you guys have been making me feel so loved. So let’s flash back to Tuesday morning. Just another another day at work. I’ve gotta new photo from a session I did with @lydiahudgensphoto a couple weeks ago. I’m nervous to post it as it’s definitely out of my comfort zone. It’s got a stripped down look that I’ve never done before. I share the photo and run into a meeting. My phone starts to blow up. I’m thinking it’s a couple hundred likes, maybe some comments, but as I’m sitting in meeting I started to see the notifications roll in on my phone. LIKE ROLL, ROLL.

LET. ME. TELL. YOU. You guys were HERE. FOR. IT. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my outfit, on my hair, on the styling. It’s crazy because I was so nervous to share this series! It was out of my comfort zone, and maybe that’s the reason that it did so well. I don’t know if you guys were seeing this as I was. But for the first time I had what I would call a “viral” photo. The photo I posted Friday has gotten over 2,000 likes! That’s a first for me. So thank you. I can’t believe this happened.

Likes aren’t everything. But the surge of love and support have really made me feel more inspired to create and share. Like I can actually do this, and I love doing it. The reality of it is that the blogosphere can feel so saturated. And it becomes easy to compare yourself and get discouraged when your likes or views aren’t as large as the next person’s. If you feel this way or have felt this way then all I can say is to keep going. Stay true to you. It’s hard but always try and remember why you started creating in the first place. It probably wasn’t for the sole purpose of likes.

I started Stylish Sista as a creative outlet – a way for me to share my personal style while majoring in something that had nothing to do with fashion. The mission of my blog has evolved, but it still has that original purpose tied to it. This is my safe space. The place where I can share my true self. The woman who is trying to figure “it” out. And if sharing my authentic self, with 1 person or 5,000 people, inspires just one person to do something that they always wanted to do; then I’ve succeeded. I just wanna be your girl.

I hope that you keep going. If you need an ear or support always know that you can reach out to me. All the channels. All the time. We’re in this together.

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