I’m walking on sunshine

Woaaahhhh! And don’t it feel good?!

Ya’ll I have fallen in love. Yes, and I’m finally ready to sing it from the rooftops and blog about it. If you’ve followed my blog you know that love is something I was dying to understand and experience. Well, I am so happy to say that I am with someone more amazing than I could have ever even expected. I swear my life is a plot twist*! (*My favorite life reference that I won’t let die.) So let’s take a quick rewind down Stylish Sista memory lane because I know some of you may be wondering how I got here and frankly I am too. haha!

March 2017, Life Update – Plot Twist to the Plot Twist
“And I have starting dating myself again…After all of this I still believe in love and I’m sure that what is for me will be for me. I’m excited for what the next season of my life will hold.”

April 2017, Dating in the city…or NOT.
“As I reread over this, I realized that I’m chicken. I’M SCccaARED! *Insert crying laughing emoji here* I know for sure I definitely don’t want to get in another serious relationship. I’m DONE with “HIMs” *insert crying laughing emoji here* I’m loving being a single pringle. But I think I want to date.”

June 2017, I believe in love
“Well, I’ll be the first to say that I struggle sometimes to believe that anyone really knows what love is or if it even exists. I know it exists with family and friends, but a soulmate?! You’re telling me that there is someone out there that I am going to trust wholeheartedly and want to spend everyday with? I don’t know… I was reminded that love is real.”

Pause. Now if we really go back a little further you’ll see that at one point before I thought I was in love. *gasps* But THIS is different. The only way I can explain it is if you’ve ever been in what you thought was love and then really fall in love. It will have you looking punked! Like turkey bacon versus real bacon?! You’re telling me I was settling for the fake thing when I could have the real thing?! I’m definitely taking the real thing. They are totally different. All this to say I am walking on sunshine.

Ya’ll I am dating an amazing man. Even people that don’t know him remind me of that! ? Because it’s true. Love has found me and I couldn’t be happier. Like I wake up with a smile, go to sleep with one and have 5,000 more smiles somewhere in between. He’s everything that I’ve prayed for. He’s caring, funny, thoughtful, kind, strong, understanding, driven. And I think what makes it all even more amazing it’s that also he loves me.

So to answer the question I asked myself a couple months ago of if there was someone out there that I would trust wholeheartedly and want to spend everyday with – Yes, you will. And his name is Aaron. ♥️



  1. Cecilia
    October 17, 2017 / 12:56 pm

    This is cecilia from tams (you were my amazing ra during my first year). I am so happy for you, taelor! Reading your post really inspires me And shows me what a healthy relationship looKs like

    • stylishsista
      October 20, 2019 / 7:12 am

      Thanks so much Cecilia for reading. This made me smile so big! I’m really figuring things out about what the best partner looks like for me and what I look like to them. <3

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