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I have officially been living in New York for a month. And man has it been the craziest month. Where to start. 


I’m back. And I know that I have said that a few times throughout this blog but I am serious this time. Never have I ever been more inspired to create content for you guys. I’m in New York for goodness sake. It just took me a while to snap out of my loneliness and really think about the opportunities that are present for me here. So as far as Stylish Sista goes, it is time for a revamp. I don’t know what all I am changing or adding yet but the goal is to blog more regularly. If that is everyday or 3 times a week, I don’t know. BUT. I am going to make this blog into everything that I know it can be. 😉


Work has been great. Everyone I work with is super helpful. I can’t tell you how much I value that because coming straight from college, I definitely DON’T know it all. I don’t even know half of it if I am going to be real. But that is what is super awesome about it all. I learn something new everyday. I struggle with thinking that I am asking too many questions, or if I am bothering my supervisor, but she assures me that I’m not lol. So again, if I have any advice on looking for a job it would be to find a place that is willing to invest in you and your growth. I have been super fortunate to find that in CDM. 

NY has a way of throwing obstacles at you like I’ve never seen. Obstacles that knock the wind out of you. Not getting my first OR second paycheck was mine. As you guys know I was in a hotel my first week of work, and long story short my paycheck was sent to the hotel I WAS staying at. So after trying to get it from the hotel turns out they sent it back to the work office and by that time HR had cancelled the check. So the next option was to put that check with the upcoming one. I decided to set up direct deposit to avoid that situation happening again, and what do I do… I PUT THE WRONG ROUTING NUMBER. UGH. So more money floating in air this time versus the New York streets. 

So. I know you are on the edge of your seat wondering how I am living, or how I was living. 

I was living off of credit. Not ideal. But it got me through. 

And I am so happy to say that I have received my paycheck. Or should I say checks. The HR department pulled together and did an emergency check. 

So moral of the story. Cross your Ts and dot your eyes. In adulthood no one is there to double check you. Especially in a city like NY, where everyone is worried about themselves. I’ve learned/been forced to speak up, follow through and it’s only been a month. 

I will say I am still working on not crying when I get frustrated and start to have anxiety about situations like that. It’s hard to remember that it always works out versus panicking. 


I know you guys are dying to see my new apartment and hear all about my roommates. Don’t worry. That blog post is coming soon. 🙂 Just know I have a lot to say, already. ahah. 




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