I believe in love

What is love?!* (*if you responded to this question with “baby don’t hurt me” I’m with you haha) But seriously, I’ve asked a lot of people ‘what love is?’ and no one can ever give me a concrete definition OR everyone’s answers are drastically different.

Although, love can never seem to be described. Somehow everyone is searching for it. Well, I’ll be the first to say that I struggle sometimes to believe that anyone really knows what love is or if it even exists. I know it exists with family and friends, but a soulmate?! You’re telling me that there is someone out there that I am going to trust wholeheartedly and want to spend everyday with? I don’t know. Everyone throws the word around so much that the feeling is easily misinterpreted, nowadays.

But the purpose of this blog post is to say that at my close friend Danielle’s wedding, I was reminded that love is real.

Love was everywhere. From the people who came to celebrate, to the way the couple looked each other, to the way her parents looked at each other. The whole night was a state of pure bliss for me as the entire room was filled with love and you could just feel it. Ugh. Everything was so beautiful. Experiencing that night was everything I needed at the moment and it’s definitely a night I won’t ever forget.

Congratulations to my beautiful friend, Dani and her husband, Joe! Your love radiates and I am honored to have witnessed your special day.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the night.

My dress is from Asos Curve! But unfortunately it’s out of stock! You can stalk it here.


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  1. Anna dalfonso
    June 3, 2017 / 6:48 pm

    Love love love all of this. So glad you had a good time!! The pics are gorg, you look like an actual royal beautiful queen, and that wedding hashtag is too perf!!!!! ????

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