To see more of what I purchased at Wet Seal click below.

Here are my purchases from Wet Seal yesterday. All of them were in the clearance section and 60% off of the clearance price. I think the highest I paid for an item was $3.50!! I love all of these pieces and I have been trying to build my jewelry collection. I have only pictured 5 items here but I bought 6 items. One of them is a gift for one of my best friends 😉 Also I found this new app PicFX that is really cool which is what I used to edit the pictures on the left. 

Sorry for the lack of fashion posts. I am at home but as soon I as get back to school expect more posts and OOTD. 




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  1. Alia
    November 26, 2018 / 5:16 pm

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