“I don’t want to be alone forever but I love gypsy life” – Lady Gaga

WEARING:  Black Maxi Skirt (Charlotte Russe), Black Crop Top (Wet Seal),  Green Lace Jacket (Thrifted), Wedges (Wet Seal),  Cuff Earring (Claire’s)

I am in love with today’s OOTD. The leaves are finally changing in Texas and I am taking full advantage of it. I titled this post Gypsy Life after Lady Gaga’s song Gypsy from her new album ARTPOP. Listen to it here! I’ve realized that I am a gypsy of sorts. I am ready for the next step. Ready to do things on my own. Ready to travel. I hope y’all are ready for what’s next because I know that I am. 




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