Family Photoshoot

If you follow me on Instagram, @stylish_sista, you saw a couple of my favorite photos from when my mom and sister visited me in NY. Them wanting to see the Brooklyn Bridge was THE PERFECT excuse for a photo shoot. Versus us paying to go to a real photographer I whipped out my DSLR. The hardest part about shooting in a place like the Brooklyn bridge, or any place in New York  City rather, is that you have to battle thousands of people for a shot and inevitably someone will be in your photo. AND, you also have to get over the fact that people are staring at you (which doesn’t bother me anymore haha).

TaeTip: When in a tourist heavy location and looking for someone to help you take a photo, look for someone with a similar camera as you. Set the settings how you want them. And stand/angle yourself in the direction you would like to take the photo in. Ask them to take a few shots because chances are that someone was blinking or one is blurry, etc. Also! Offer to take a photo of them in return! 🙂
So here are a few of my favorite shots below. Aren’t my girls beautiful?!



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  1. September 17, 2016 / 7:10 pm

    I’m in tears. Tears of love and beauty. Not only are the pics great,but all 3 of you are not just beautiful…but lovely and magical.
    Your mom. Wow. I have grown to love her. Not just as a fellow human, but as family.when it comes down to it, she is Val’s stepmom/2nd mom. I can’t LOVE her more for how she loves my daughter…as her own. Felecia has such beauty,and such an incredible aura, a strength of character that you see as soon as you meet her
    Courtney. Your sister is growing up to be her own wonderful person. She and Val adore each other. I love to pick up Val from the house so I can get a Courtney hug. They give me a light and breath of fresh air. She shines so bright…just being in her presence, you know she’s magical and so special.
    Tae. When i first met you, we were looking at houses, and my head was in such the wrong place. I wanted to tell you that you’re beautiful, but i wasn’t sure how to approach you. Now, years later, i can tell you that not only are you beautiful, pretty and lovely, you are magical. I don’t just mean with the black girl magic – that’s something so awesome on its own. I mean, your thoughts and photos and your soul…you’ve got incredible magic inside, Tae. I wish i could’ve told you back then.
    I adore and love you and your family. Whenever i get on ig and see new pics on your page, i show Val and she gets excited to see you…and asks when you’re coming to visit 🙂
    I’m proud of you for taking the chance to be independent. It is hard. It’s full of lessons…and so rewarding, just like you said. <3

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