DIY: Cut-out Heart T-Shirt

Hey guys! So I am so over college t-shirts. I have so many. They are so plain. And everyone has the same one as you. I have been thinking how in the world I can revamp these t-shirts. And what better than a T-shirt reconstruction series! 🙂

Here is the first of many! ( I probably have 30 t-shirts! And I am only a sophomore!)

DIY: Cut-out Heart T-Shirt

Only 10 minutes! (maybe less!)

To get instructions on this DIY click “Read more” or “DIY: Cut out heart shirt”All you need is a t-shirt, scissors, and a sharpie or pen!

1.Lay your t-shirt out on a flat surface

2. Cut the sleeve off. Follow the hem of the sleeve.

3. Do the same on the other side

4. Flip your shirt over. Make a dot where you want the point of the heart to be. 

5. Fold THE BACK of your shirt in half. Make sure that you are not folding the front or else you will cut into it. 

6. From your point cut half of a heart out. 

7. Unfold and you are done!




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