Dating in the City… or NOT.

Dating is such a juicy topic for me to talk about. I’m 23. Single. In the Big Apple. Surrounded by eligible options right?! I should be going on dates every day. Week? Month? Haha. Well I am currently not. And here’s why.

In theory dating should be easy. There are 8 million people in NYC. Tons of people in NYC. I’m cute. I should probably just bump into my next date on the train. But it’s harder than that. It is SERIOUSLY hard to meet people here. Unless you are constantly living the night life. Most people in NYC work like crazy. If you follow me on snap you probably know that I chill by myself, in my room 89% of the time. I need a substantial amount of time to recharge and the night life exhausts me. AND it’s expensive. I’d rather go buy a new mascara than a $15 cocktail at the bar. #PRIORITIES

  1. I’d probably go out on the regular and try to live the “23-year-old” life (I’m not sure exactly what that means lol) but I’m solo right now. I don’t have my group of single girlfriends yet. You know like Sex In the City or Girlfriends haha. And it’s seems extremely unsafe to me to go out alone. And not to mention AWKWARD! I’m not trying to be that single girl at the bar.
  2. I’m awkward. Like really. First dates make me extremely nervous. Sweaty. My weirdness is at an ultimate high when I’m on a first date. HAHA. Maybe it’s like a bike- the more you go on dates the less awkward they’ll be? Someone please. LET ME KNOW.
  3. Dating Apps. Download. Delete. Repeat. Am I right?! Sadly, in NYC this seems like the easiest way to meet people. But let’s be real. They have this weird stigma. At least for me. Like why are you on this dating app?! Why am I?! Weird bios. Inappropriate messages. Like you really have to swipe to get a decent person who is in the same situation as you. Dating apps = 96% creeps. I’ll have to save the crazy messages I’ve gotten for another blog post.

Hahah. As I reread over this, I realized that I’m chicken. I’M SCccaARED! *Insert crying laughing emoji here* I know for sure I definitely don’t want to get in another serious relationship. I’m DONE with “HIMs” *insert crying laughing emoji here* I’m loving being a single pringle. But I think I want to date. Go on dates. Just meet new people. Have new experiences. Live it up in my 20s.

Pray for me y’all. Imma try it. *Insert scared emoji here* And of course I’ll keep you guys updated.



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