The Ultimate Confidence Booster Dress

So don’t kill me. But I have NO recollection of where I got this dress. Have you ever been to one of those fast fashion shops that has clothes from floor to ceiling and nothing is over $30? Well, blame my mom because she took me to one of those in Texas. The sale rack (aka my first stop always) was buy one get one free. So I actually picked up some pants and this dress was my free item. I’ve never worn a dress like this and thought I’d try something new. I used to be so scared of dresses like this. My arms out. Back out. Short too?! A definite no-no in the last chapter of my book. But if I have any advice. Don’t be afraid to embrace your curves AT EVERY POINT. Love your body. Try on things that you never thought you were supposed to be able to wear. You might surprise yourself.

Tae Style Tip: Find a dress that gives you the ultimate confidence. A night out with the girls? A date with a special someone? Find a dress that inevitability boosts your confidence to an ultimate high. This is that dress for me. This dress makes me feel so sexy and is perfect for a fancy date night.* (*If I go on one lol. Read previous blog post) A curve-hugging, open-back dress will definitely make your friends/significant other/love interest/or date go wowza.  As I was shooting this look I was even caught a grandpa’s eye. LOL GROSS! But you get my point.

If you are wondering how I am rocking this dress without a bra, lol I used duct tape. Not the sexiest but trust me it does the job! I actually used my friend Mari’s tutorial on YouTube. Check it out here. Thanks Mari!

I’m trying to do more when it comes to makeup. Thought adding a little yellow to my normal black cat eye and a little glitter underneath added a little spice.
Hope you guys enjoyed this date night inspo outfit post.



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