ADCOLOR – Rise Up. Reach Back.

If you follow me on Instagram (@stylish_sista) you saw that last week I went the AdColor Conference.  I was fortunate enough to have the company I work for sponsor me to go.  The AdColor Conference is a conference celebrating and challenging diversity in the creative industries: advertising, marketing, media, entertainment, public relations and tech. This year’s conference celebrated the 10th year of AdColor with the theme – Challenge Now. I stole this next excerpt from The AdColor website because they communicated what Challenge Now means so well.

” Culturally, politically, socially and economically, the world is changing. Conversations about our differences are happening globally with reactions ranging from openness to fear. There’s never been a better time to take action, to change the mind-sets of our friends, colleagues and leaders and to positively affect our future.
We cannot wait. We must Challenge Now. Challenge ourselves to recognize and overcome our own social bias. Challenge others to move away from legacy thinking. And challenge the status quo by taking action. Be bold. Speak up. Challenge Now.”

*claps hands*
So you ALREADY know this was a place I was meant to be.

First of all. This conference was in the nicest hotel I have ever been in in my life. Seriously. The whole thing was pink for crying out loud. Never opened a single door.* (*besides my room door) And it had everything. Pools, TVs, Spas, Shopping, Golf, Restaurants, Bars. But back to the point. AdColor.

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Walking into AdColor was somewhat of a dream. For once, I was surrounded by an abundance of diverse, talented people. People who look like me. The first day of the conference consisted of a full day of seminars taught by people in the industry who are rockin’ it. I just want to share a few nuggets of wisdom I jotted down in my notebook. (For more quotes check out my twitter as I tried to live tweet!) Also I didn’t write who said what in the efforts to write everything… But know that they were all fabulous and the chance of twitter having that info is very likely.

“Fight relentlessly for you.”
“You’re the right person in the wrong environment.”
“Show conviction not anger.”
‘You set the pace as you grow – Sow the seed to give yourself flexibility.”
“Manage up and train your manager to know you.”
“When you need five dollars, you don’t ask for $3 you ask for $10.”
“Your identity can not be what you do.”
“Remain relentless in your pursuit.”
“Live an authentic and fearless life.”
“If you don’t build your own dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs.”

HOLD UP! I was not ready for my edges to be snatched at this conference! These were just some of the quotes that I jotted down. The first day was full of discussions that I didn’t know we would have but that I needed to have as a rising professional woman of color in the advertising industry. The second day consisted of the awards ceremony where everyone dressed up and celebrated the achievements of AdColor as an organization as well as the achievements of those who are paving the way and making a splash doing it in the industry.

Totally left inspired. Inspired with what I have the power to achieve. AdColor was everything I needed AND SOME. If you are a professional of color in a creative industry or you are a supporter of diversity in the creative industry, PLEASE ATTEND ADCOLOR. IT’S WORTH BEING AROUND ALL OF THE CREATIVE, INSPIRATIONAL PEOPLE.

Y’all better watch out. Ya girl is READY to #CHALLENGENOW and #RISEUPANDREACHBACK!



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