A Profile About Taelor by Garrett Cramer

As a journalism major I get to meet amazing people and do amazing things in my classes. Well last Friday in my Media Writing class we were assigned to write a profile on another person in class. I was paired with Garrett Cramer. He interviewed me then captured me entirely in 500 words. Thank you again Garrett. I honestly am so honored and grateful. My stylish readers, here is his story below. Enjoy!  

P.S. I might just be a baby, but I totally cried. And click ‘View More’ to read the whole story!

xox Taelor 

Profile of Taelor Pawnell

is bigger in Texas, and that includes the goals of Taelor (Taylor) Pawnell who
aims to one day be the biggest name in fashion.

Pawnell currently attends the University of North Texas (UNT) as a junior with
a major in advertising and a minor in marketing while utilizing student loans
to continue her education. At the blossoming age of 20, Pawnell has the dream
of jetting off to New York City to eventually obtain a position in the fashion
industry and someday becoming the next Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, but first she doesn’t mind
“starting from the bottom being a mail carrier, or a coffee getter, or an
assistant. Whatever gets [her] the job in the end.”

interest in fashion began at a younger age when she and her best friend would
look at fashion blogs. She ultimately decided that fashion would be her ticket
to New York. Taelor decided New York would be her future home due to it being
so fast-paced and everyone seems to have a goal. Pawnell currently runs
StylishSista.com, a fashion blog dedicated to showcasing her daily outfits as
well current events in her life. Taelor certainly has a style of her own, but
tries to follow current trends as much as she can.

wallet doesn’t allow me to always buy new trends when they arise, so I have to
make due and thrift and set my own trends,” she said.

began her college career in the College of Visual Arts and Design as a graphic
design pre-major, but ultimately left to be in the Mayborn School of
Journalism. With a future career in fashion, one may wonder why Taelor is
pursing a degree in journalism with the Mayborn instead of a degree in
merchandising with the College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism.

is more concrete,” she said. “I love to write … I’ve done it since high school,
and it’s easier than starting into a new field.”

is originally from Spring, Texas, a suburb north of Houston on Interstate 45.
Transitioning from a suburb to a slightly more bustling college town to the
biggest city in the United States is quite a change, but Taelor is ready to
leave the Lone Star State behind immediately after graduating. City life seems
to suit this fashion blogger with big dreams, but she says she misses the
quiet, relaxing feel of her hometown.

currently works with Swoop, the student-run advertising and Public Relations
agency at UNT where she is currently an art director with UNT Dallas as her
first client. If her blog is anything to go by, Taelor Pawnell certainly has an
eye for fashion that will definitely help her with the dream of succeeding the
great Anna Wintour. Taelor Pawnell, editor-in-chief of Vogue certainly has a nice ring to it.


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