So this post title is a little vulgar and may seem super random, but once a co-worker once said “Games? F*** games.” to me and it has stuck with me ever since. Now this quote hasn’t stuck with me as far as board games or arcade games which is how my co-worker meant it at the time. This quote has reminded me not to play games with my life, other people, or better yet let people play games with me and my feelings.
I find that in a lot of relationships I can get brushed off because I am being “over-dramatic or sensitive” about subjects.  My feelings are always valid. They’re mine. So with that, I have found friends who respect me and my feelings. I have friends who support my dreams and that push me to be a better me. Friends who are about their stuff. Who aren’t playing games.

And although my circle may be small it’s strong because of this.
Love you all.



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