25 things I’ve learned in my 24th year

Eight days ago I turned 25. Twenty-DAMN-FIVE! Can you believe it?! I can’t believe it. I’m so blessed to see 25. But jeez, I just don’t know if I’m ready for it all. Already my 25th year has hit me with an overwhelming amount of new experiences and lessons. But as part of my blog tradition, I had to do a reflection post looking back at 24. 24 was HARD. CAPITAL H-A-R-D. But I’m thankful that my 24th year taught me so many lessons and pushed me to grow in ways that I needed. So let’s get into it! Let’s recap with the top 25 things I learned in my 24th year.  [*LONG POST ALERT*]

  1. Cherish every moment. Every interaction.
    My grandma’s passing put things into perspective for me. And it’s a shame, but after her passing, I have now come to cherish all of our time spent together. Every giggle. Every ‘Heyy, baby!’ I wish I could have more of those moments. I’ve vowed to myself to appreciate the ones I love. Cherish their quirks. Continue to make memories.
  2. Be gentle with yourself.
    I beat myself up more than anyone else. And that has to stop. It’s hard at time to have sympathy for yourself. Sometimes it’s necessary to step out of the situation and give yourself a break. We are human. We make mistakes.
  3. Real love will find you when you least expect it. Embrace it.
    Y’all. I was not ever expecting to find Aaron. And if you can believe it, in the beginning, I ran away from his love. I was scared. Worried that it wasn’t “Real love.” The most exciting aspect of 24, was that I have gotten to experience real love with my one true love, Aaron. (*Insert all of the mushy hearts and feels here*)
  4. Traveling is worth EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY. 
    Traveling to Spain this year opened my eyes completely. It was so amazing experiencing another culture. It’s was invaluable. 10 out of 10 recommend. And better believe that I am saving to experience another country every year.
  5. Breathe, stretch, shake. Let it go.
    Grudges aren’t worth the energy.
  6. A number on the scale doesn’t define you.
    I have finally put away the scale. I’m going off how I feel. How I want to feel. My weight fluctuates and doesn’t define me.
  7. Save. Save. SAVE!
    Gosh. Money, money, money, monaaaayyyyyy. (*I hope you sang that with me*) This year definitely taught me the importance of saving, emergency funds, and planning ahead financially.
  8. Embrace your city and what it has to offer.
    New York is the hub. Fashion. Advertising. There are so many events that are free to go to and experience. Glad I’m here. I’m meant to be here. And I’ve got to take more of an advantage over the opportunities at my doorstep.
  9. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you deserve.
    This year has taught me to speak up. Especially, in my career. For the first time ever I asked for a promotion. I don’t know why the act of this scares me to pieces, but it does. But I’m proud of myself for actually doing it. I’ve asked for more opportunities in my career this year than ever and have been met with a lot of great experience in return.
  10. Don’t let your dreams be dreams. 
    I get scared of my own potential at times. I make excuses for why I don’t have the time or why what I’m doing isn’t possible. I believe in this blog. I dream of the day that my blog becomes a destination for women. A place where they can find inspiration and understanding. So I’m investing my time and energy back in it.
  11. There’s no time limit on healing.
    It will take time.
  12. A Reason. A Season. A Lifetime. (Left from the past TWO years. STILL RELEVANT.)
    *claps* See earlier blog post here.
  13. Add some spontaneity.
    One of my favorite moments from 24 was when Aaron and I decided to rent electric bikes in Barcelona, spontaneously. I will never forget that day and how happy I felt riding through the streets of Barcelona with my love.
  14. Own your imperfections.
    I’m not perfect. I have anxiety. And I’m very analytical. This year has taught me to own these parts of who I am. To acknowledge them is to understand more of me.
  15. Don’t forget anyone. 
    This has two meanings to me right now.
    1. Relationships are everything. Not just the romantic type. Every interaction teaches you something. I was quick to try and “move on” from college and high school when at some point I would need some of those people and their advice, expertise, and support.
    2. When people show you who they are, believe them. My mom used to always tell me that. Don’t forget that people’s true colors always reveal themselves. Everyone doesn’t have the best intentions.
  16. Adulting can be hard. Ask questions. 
    Gosh. Adulting. From setting bills in my name to signing a lease. I have learned so much. A lot of my learnings came from embracing my ignorance and just asking questions. I like to ask many different people and then meld their opinions into “The Taelor Way” of doing things haha.
  17. Stay stylish. 
    Such a weighted statement. Stylish in the way you carry yourself. In the battles you choose. Style transcends beyond the clothes. I kept this verbatim from last year. I’m still stepping into my own style.
  18. Be grateful for your job. 
    Man oh man! I am such a culprit for not appreciating my jobs and the opportunities I’ve been given. Not everyone is given the opportunity. So I’m going to try and keep my complaining to a minimum. Hustle more. And be grateful always.
  19. Skincare > Makeup.
    24 taught me about the importance of skin care and a skin care regimen. I don’t know what hit me all of a sudden. Actually, I do, it was all of the dark spots and pimples. BUT. I have a new love and appreciation for skin care. Obsessed with Clinique and Foreo! ???
  20. There is more than one way to do something. Appreciate the perspectives.
    Okay. I can admit it! I suffer from The “I’m always right” syndrome sometimes. Raise your hand if you’re with me?! I’m aware and working on it. There’s more than one way to do things and it doesn’t always have to be my way.
  21. You can never take too many photos!
    Nothing brings me more joy than scrolling back through my millions of photos (not exaggerating) Glad to have found friends and a love that fill my bucket in this way.
  22. I’m the ONLY thing worth the stress. 
    I stress way too much! About stuff that doesn’t even have to do with me! If I could I would rewind this past year only to smack myself around a little and tell myself that it wasn’t worth it. Making yourself sick because of stress, IS NOT WORTH IT.
  23. You can’t always be in control. And you definitely can’t control people.
  24. Stay true to T.
    Each day I learn more about myself. How I’m changing, my likes, my dislikes. As much as I appreciate the advice I can’t let others opinions dictate my actions. I know me best.
  25. Your life path is yours and yours alone. And trust that the best is yet to come!
    No more comparing myself. I’m just along for the ride. I’ve realized that in due time I’m going to get to where I want to go. I’ve worked hard to get here. It’s time that I acknowledge and give myself credit for that. Every year is the year of T as long as I’m staying true to myself.

So, here are the 25 things I learned in my 24th year. I hope that in some way I can help you by sharing where I’m at in my journey, transparently. I’m excited about 25! I feel it in my bones that this will be a big year for me. Thank you guys for all the love, support and birthday wishes. You all have continued to help and support me in more ways than you may know.

I’m tackling my 25th year, head on, with confidence, a sense of purpose, and as always with style.
By staying true to me, I’m confident it will be The Year of T.

With exactly 12 hugs and 13 kisses,


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