23 things I’ve learned in my 22nd year

IMG_5633IMG_5607 Today I turn 23. Twenty-stinkin’-three? Are you kiddin’ me?! This year has moved by so quickly. I feel like I was just turning 22. I am extremely blessed to see 23. And really when I reflect on my 22nd year I am so grateful for all of the self-growth. Man oh man have I learned a lot. Well, as cliché as it is to do a “20-something things I learned in my twenties” – I’m doing one. So, here are 23 things I’ve learned during my 22nd year. [LONG POST ALERT]

  1. Moving away from your family and friends will be hard. Extremely hard. And at the same time so, so rewarding.
    You guys know. I struggled. Not having any family here in NY is hard. But it feels good to come home to a place (although, I have roommates) that I pay for. That I’ve worked hard for. To finally be independent, and give my mom a much-needed break.
  2. Living on your own is expensive. 
    I don’t know if I am the only one but seeing the price of towels was when it hit me. Why are good towels so stinkin’ expensive?! At home I never needed for anything (Thanks Mom! You da real MVP). And there was an abundance of everything. Isn’t there a saying where you don’t miss something until it’s gone? Welp. I miss it.
  3. True friends are hard to come by. But when you find them. *sighs* It feels really stinkin’ good.
    I learned this thing about buckets when I was an orientation leader. About how certain things or people can fill your bucket while others take away from it. Well, it’s hard to explain how but my true friends seem to always fill my bucket, even if they are thousands of miles away. Those are the friends that I am fighting to keep.
  4. Not everyone has your best interest at heart.
    In an ideal Taelor world everyone cheers each other on. I will always believe that you really only compete against yourself. BUT Jesus! People can be SO CUT THROAT.
    Especially in NY.
  5. And when people show you who they are, TRUST THEM.
    My mom always said this to me, but it didn’t really click until it happened time after time this year. You can’t change people. (super related to #4, yet different.)
  6. Loving yourself HAS to be a priority.
    Self-love is something that I have struggled with at times. (I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago.) Happy to say I’m in a great place with loving myself for myself.
  7.  Be grateful that you have a job.
    I read this article about how millennials want super cool, fun jobs. I mean who doesn’t. BUT it ends the article with the fact of saying not all of us millennials can have the super cool, fun jobs. And this stuck with me. Because there are times where my job is super cool and fun but lately there have been moments where it hasn’t been. BUT I have a job! A job that pays my bills. A job where I am surrounded by great people. I really can’t complain.
  8. Be grateful that you have a job, but find a life outside of said job. 
    Man, have I learned this one. Even if you work day in and day out your job still will never be able to tuck you in a night.
  9. I am a Feeler.
    I don’t mean anything sketchy by that. haha. What I mean is that I am such an emotional being. When I am happy? I cry. Sad? I cry. Angry? I cry.  I CRY. And that’s okay. (most times – lol) But that’s what makes me – me.
  10. You can’t grow thick skin over night. 
    I feel like I have been trying to be a tough cookie since high school, but I will always have this oooey-gooey center. There are tons of reasons why certain things people say get to me. And it takes actively analyzing myself and figuring out why my feelings get hurt for me to address it. You can’t change what you won’t confront. Temporary thick skin is quick to shed away. Trust.
  11. You can’t hurry love. No you just have to wait. (*kudos if you know this song)
    Fun fact: I have never been in love. At least I don’t think so. haha. But man, the way I see some of you talk about it had me trying to find it earlier this year. But obviously, love don’t come easy. (still on this song) And love isn’t something that I want to force, or that I want to fall into with the wrong person.
  12. A Reason. A Season. A Lifetime. 
    *claps* See earlier blog post here.
  13. Not everyone is going to like you. As long as you like you, that’s all that matters.
  14. Speak up for yourself.
    Proud to say that I am no longer afraid to ask for the receipts. LOL
  15. Fight for your passions. 
    I have to make time to do what I love. I lost this when I first moved to NY. I’m passionate about blogging, art, and photography. If those are the things that fill my bucket, (see #3) then those are the things that I need to make time for.
  16. It really doesn’t matter what people think. 
    I spent so much stinkin’ time worrying about what people thought about me! Goodness. It feels so free to not care anymore.
    Looking back it is weird because I feel like life forced me to date myself. It’s fun though. I buy myself flowers, take myself to new restaurants, or even just on a walk. I appreciate T-time so much more now.
  18. My opinions are ALWAYS valid.
    People will try to make you feel dumb or belittle you for not having agree with them. And it used to make me actually question myself or feel anxious. You can take or leave my opinions but realize that I am entitled to them. *flips hair*
  19. You can never have too many photos.
    Some of you guys haven’t seen me in action but ya girl can take some photos. I’m obsessed. And yes it can get annoying or embarrassing when I am standing over our lunch taking photos, or when I am taking candids of you during lunch. But in my life I treat photos as a way to capture my memories. Little works of art that capture my friends, our fun, and our experiences. So no, I will not stop taking photos.
  20. Try as hard as you can to live in the moment.
    I am a futuristic person. Always thinking about the next move. And as hard as it was for me at the beginning of the year I am really trying to just enjoy where I am at right now.
  21. Care for your body. 
    Health is important. And whether going to the gym, eating healthy, or washing off makeup after a night out. It’s important that I take care of myself.
  22. Stop comparing yourself to others. 
    When you work in advertising with super creative, awesome friends. It is easy to start comparing yourself. “I don’t make enough money!” “They get to do cooler things!” “They get off at 5?! hah” My journey is my own. You have to do you. And celebrate other people doing them.
  23. Give yourself some credit.
    This has been a wild ride. I still struggle with things, but I have accomplished a lot this year. And I am finally giving myself a pat on the back for busting my butt.

So. Twenty-three. Why am I now crying?! haha! I’m so emotional always! But I just want to thank you guys for all the love, support and birthday wishes. You guys have helped me more than you know.  Who knows what this next chapter has in store for me?! All I know is that I am excited and READY for all of the #growth.

With exactly 12 hugs and 11 kisses,


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  1. Felecia Greer
    September 2, 2016 / 3:21 pm

    This Is So good!! Thanks For Thinking About Your mom.

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