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Happy New Year Loves! I hope the year has started off on the right foot for you all. It’s only blogger tradition to share your new year’s resolutions but this year I’m going to try and spice it up. I am going to share with you guys a list of things I am letting go of in 2017 (Hey Elsa!) and the things that I plan to own and take on.

To recap 2016, was an interesting year for me. It consisted of living on my own for a year in the big apple, dating a not so great guy, my sister getting sick, Black Lives Matter,  a summer filled with loved ones visiting me,  AdColor, moving teams at work, the election, and then ending on me dating a really great guy (Hey J!). So yeah. A roller coaster.

So for starters, here is what I am planning to leave behind in 2 0 1 7:
1. Fake Love (Hey Drake!) – Now what do I mean by that? In 2016, I FINALLY realized that it’s okay not to be friends with everyone. This especially includes “friends” on social. My social media timelines act as a safe haven for me and there is no way that I am letting anyone make me feel uncomfortable or upset on my own feed. Blocking. Hiding. Rejecting. 2017 will only be filled with uplifting words and encouragement for me, please!

2. Money Mismanagement – I love a good deal. And it is so hard for me to pass one up. Buy One Get One Free?! I’m there. ahah. But to be honest. Ya girl doesn’t have it like that. Student loan payments and NYC rent have me trying to figure out how to make it all work. So I am leaving the sale itch in 2016 and putting on my big girl saving pants in 2017. Time to get it right, get it right, get it tight. (I actually made myself chuckle with that line! Bonus points if you starting singing with me. haha)

3. Fast food – Dun. Dun. DUN. Why do I feel like it’s taboo to talk about fast food? Is it just me? Anyway. Fast food is a truth for me. It’s quick. It’s cheap. It’s good. But this year in an effort to be my best me. I am going to try and wean myself off of it. Cooking a majority of the time and only having fast food once or twice a month. RIP Chicken Nuggz.

Now what am I taking on in 2 0 1 7:
1. Stylish Sista – Y’all know I struggle with consistency. I honestly think the reason for that is because I am a walking light bulb. There are so many ideas of things I want to do that I drop something and pick up something else before actually “finishing” it. Because of this I am devoting my time this year to actually see this through. Ya girl is trying to go to fashion week so it’s time to make moves.

2. My relationships – I want my communication in all my relationships (not just the one with J) to be A1 this year. I don’t have many friends in NY, but I want to commit to calling my friends, checking on them, making time for them. Those relationships mean the world to me and I refuse to let them go because of a little distance.

3. A hint of selfishness – This year I am going to be relentless in my pursuit of happiness. I am going to do what’s best for me. I’ve gotta stop worrying about what people may think or if I’ll hurt someone’s feelings by not doing what they want me to do. Time to advance my career, blog, relationship.

2 0 1 7. The year of T.

I’ve gotta make moves this year. Nothing but growth for me in 2017. Don’t believe me just watch! 😉



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