10 Minute Outfit

 Outfit Details: Black Dress: Target/ Boots: Khol’s/ Blue Jean Jacket: Mom’s Closet/ Infinity Scarf: Gift from Mom?

10 Minute Outfit. 
Everyone has the mornings where you hit the snooze button one too many times. Right? Well that was me today! Wondering how to look put together in a hurry? Well here is a few tips on how I go about getting dressed in a rush. 

1. Pair basics! Basics are super easy. Whether it is a black dress or a t-shirt and jeans always have basics ready for a day that you are running late. 

2. Use your accessories. I used my infinity scarf but pairing your outfit of basics with statement accessories gives your outfit a bit of polish and it only takes a few seconds. 

3. Simple hair. Buns. Ponytails. When you are running late, don’t waste time with the curling iron. 

4. Easy makeup. Throw on foundation, a simple cat eye, and mascara. It will look like you have done a lot when really you haven’t done much. 

Here are my tips to getting ready in a rush. Let me see your 10 minute outfits!



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